New site, new blog

Wow. I can’t believe we’re here. We graduated from .blogspot to .com. We have so much to celebrate as this new writing year begins!

A lot happened last year, lets do a quick recap!

On October 11,  I announced that I would be releasing my first book, The Museum: A Collection of Dark Poetry.


And on October 24th, 2015 that happened!


To celebrate our late book birthday, I’m giving away free digital copies of The Museum November 9th to November 13th, 2016. All I ask in return is that you leave an honest review. I care what you guys think, because after all I’m writing for you.

On June 17th, our friends Pepper, Inno, and Mint set the stage for their new series, Seeking Incandescence. And that left a lot of people wondering what’s next.

And then I dropped a bomb. A new series.


Two books are being released in 2017. But when?

Take a deep breath.


April 7th, 2017 my love, our book, Twisted Beauty releases as the first installment in the Twisted Royals series. Twisted Beauty is a fractured fairy-tale and my first adult romantic fantasy.

August 12, 2017 (As long as everything goes as planned) is the release date for Crowning Iridescence the second book in our YA dystopian SI series. If you’re caught up then you know the powerful implication of that title.

So we have our dates. Our new site. Now it’s time to cut the cake because we have more to celebrate. I’m creating a newsletter that is coming soon and I mean soon like this week soon. Inside this newsletter is a free updated digital copy of Seeking Incandescence. Why? Because our first editions had typos in it. As a newbie author I have learned that I have a lot to learn. So I’ll be spending Friday nights with my editor work shopping my grammar. Good thing Anne’s local. 😉

Once you get the newsletter there will be an opportunity for you to become a part of the exclusive launch team. If you are chosen to be a part of the launch team you will get free digital copies weeks before the actual release. In exchange for your free copy, all I ask is that you leave an honest review. I want to know how these books are making you feel.  I’ll be sending a form with the newsletter in a few weeks.

Thank you for all your support. You really are the best readers a girl could ask for.




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