Twisted Beauty: Process of Romance

Adult Fantasy Romance.

Can you imagine the looks I get when those three words fall from my mouth. No? Here try this.


And then comes the question…

“Is there going to be sex?”



But it’s okay, Crowning Iridescence comes out in August for our YA readers!

But April is the big release of Twisted Beauty. 


And the characters are beautiful. I’m not biased or anything but…


Okay, I’m totally biased. But anyways let’s get back on track.


What is this new book about?

Twisted Beauty is inspired by La Belle et Bete also known as Beauty and the Beast.

characters_beautyandthebeast_belle_852af5fe And our main character does share the name Belle. Belle is the french translation for beauty.

Setting/Story Concept:

Before I wrote Seeking Incandescence I often played around in my fantasy world inside my head and all my stories were written in that world. This book will take place on the west continents of that world in a country called Renol. The East is reserved for a YA series I’m planning on writing (got my hands a little full right now).

Except no one remembers there is a country called Renol. And the people that live in Renol exist in a time-loop of three weeks.

William is a dealmaker and the forgotten prince of Renol. He broke the heart of a powerful witch and has been cursed to make deals for her. Terrible deals, cruelly unfair deals. And in time he became her monster, her beast.

And has lived under that title for 100 years.

But he meets Belle. And in a series of events he finds himself making a deal that will change their lives forever.

And there no deal more powerful than the one that comes from the heart.


Unlike the first person view of SI, this book takes place in third person limited. Why? When it comes to writing, I love the magic of structure and technique. And that magic really brings out Belle and William in this next book.

These two people are everything I want my writing to be. They found me and for a few seconds I almost turned them down. They wanted their story told but I didn’t know if I could separate myself as an adult author and a YA author. I was terrified.

I thought I’d hide them beneath a pen name. Roslin Marie.

And I started to write.

And they came to life. And they taught me things about myself in their conversations.

So I scratched out my pen name because I couldn’t hide such beauty from you. It’s twisted, they are twisted, but they are so beautiful.

I learned, “You don’t fall in love with people. You fall in love with conversations.”-Belle from Twisted Beauty.

I learned that nothing is more painful then “forgetting what you lost.” – Belle from Twisted Beauty.

I learned that falling apart doesn’t mean you’re broken. That moving on isn’t impossible and being afraid doesn’t make you weak. There is strength behind the tears, courage underneath the fear, and love within the darkest of hearts.


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