Blogged In: Here’s the cliche advice you always wanted.

Tis the season for Holiday travels. Expect traffic delays, ice storms, awkward Christmas functions, and overpriced hallmark cards. Oh but don’t forget to sprinkle on some holiday cheer this season and force an extra big smile with those new pairs of socks.


Okay… I like socks.

But anyways if you are traveling this holiday season it is best to prepared and safe. And if all else fails and you are sitting at a McDonalds typing a blog while traffic sits dead stopped outside of the window then at least be thankful you are warm and safe.

But if you are braving the roads this holiday season and are not in fact stuck in the middle of nowhere then here are a few travel tips.

Pack efficient.

It’s Christmas not the purge. You do not in fact need to bring the blowup snowman to Grandmas this season. And paper plates happen to be lighter then fine china. And while I know you might need a hair dryer you probably don’t need seven. You know what, pack like it is the purge. Pack light.



Bring a blanket.

Whether you are flying or driving having something warm is always a good choice. Because if you do get caught on the side of the road just ten minutes from the nearest serial killer then at least you’ll be warm.



And somewhere in that super-sized suit case that you packed anyways bring a sense of humor.

Because what we really need this year, despite the Shane Company constant banter on engagement rings, is just a bit more laughter. Conversations that warm not just our hearts but the people around us. Because at end of 2016 we need a change of attitude not a change of location.

At the end of 2016 we need a hundred new smiles to brighten the frostiest of streets.

A little bit of magic to lift the troubled heart.

A dash of hope to bring in the New Year.

And a box of nostalgia to share and remember the ones we love.


So if you don’t pack light, then pack full. Full of spirit, not the holiday spirit you buy, but the spirit you bring to the people around you.

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