Sometimes I feel like I live in my computer… the struggles of an author.

This week as been a whirlwind of successful moments for SI.

This week, Seeking Incandescence, has been hosted on over 12 sites.

Four awesome reviews.

One of those a Five Star rating from Reader’s Favorite earning SI the silver seal. *YESSS*

And I’m on a success high.


It feels great.

It feels awful.


I know. It’s crazy to believe that it could feel anything less than great but it has its moments.

I have spent at least an average of 15 hours a day on my computer for going on two weeks. Thanks to the amazing SI blog tour that has been beyond successful.picture .png

January 4th to the 17th. That’s right the tour is not over yet. Which means more posts and more interviews. And I love it.

During a blog tour you have to be constantly involved. A blog tour is when multiple sites host your book in some fashion during a specific block of time. It creates a buzz and it is awesome. But for a blog tour to be successful one must share, post, and discuss.

This opens the door to wonderful networking possbilities. I have made so many different friends this tour and it has been fun. But it is not the only place I spend on the computer.

My Author Facebook page is the main event. As most of you already know, I am beyond active with at least three posts a day. I create multiple graphics a week to ensure that there is always something new posting in everyones newsfeed. Don’t even get me started on Twitter. I got on one time and I don’t think I ever go off.


#Twitter #Itneverends #Help #Justkidding #Sortof

And then we get to word-count. Twisted Beauty is killing me. It is beyond the best thing I have ever written and also the longest thing I have ever written. By the way the cover for TB is finished so we will be having a cover reveal soon. You’re invited. 😉

Placeholder Image

Twisted Beauty: Word count 85,000 and still going. Should be done tonight *crosses fingers*

Then we get too the social media Giveaways. I have two going one on Goodreads and one on Facebook. They are awesome and have made this Blog Tour even better. If this is the first time you are hearing about the giveaways just jump down to my Social Media Share Giveaway post or visit me on Goodreads. (There are two different ones going on. One for a free signed book and the other for a $230 gift card.)

And basically this long blog is just a letter to you and why I haven’t written a blog in over a week. So even though I live in the computer, I’m stretched thin on what I’m doing in the vast world of the MacBook Air.

And if you are an author and you are reading this then you are probably laughing because this is just a small glimpse into your own life. Because who said writing books was easy?

Placeholder Image

Until next time,

I have a book to finish, a newsletter to send, and something to tweet.

This is the new American Dream. 🙂



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