Twisted Beauty #CoverReveal and what it took to create it.

Wow. Today was amazing!

Twisted Beauty had a fantastic #CoverReveal party on Facebook today and I am so thankful to have had you guys as part of it. I want to send a special thank you to all the wonderful bloggers that participated in this event!

Just incase you missed it! Here is the cover for Twisted Beauty! 

Twisted Beauty Kindle cover .jpg

I’m in love with it.

This beautiful peace of artwork was designed by Jessicca Boyer (She is amazing isn’t she?)

But let’s talk about the piece behind the cover for a minute.


She’s stunning. Jessicca spent over ten hours shading and creating the concept for the cover. Once it was created it got sent to the editing expresso to turn into a cover. Want to see the options?

Here were the four concepts we got back. The first I really liked because it still kept the original color scheme in mind. The red rose is a big motif in Twisted Beauty and something I specifically requested in the design. But the title didn’t pop out as well.

The second didn’t work for any of us in my publishing team. It was broken up in strange places and didn’t seem to flow.

I love, love, LOVE the third one. It gave a classy and eloquent look to the cover that reminded me of some of the classics. But the blue just didn’t fit the story.

But the purple one grabbed. There are two defining character moments that relate to the purple roses that come up in my book. And that wasn’t something that I had even considered as an important representation of the story until I saw this cover.

The purple rose in my story represents two different things in TB. It represents sacrifice and it represents being different.

Belle is ahead of her time in the story and is so very different from the other girls. She is also grieving a sad and haunted past. For me and for Belle the purple rose is a symbol of embracing that uniqueness and a symbol of moving away from that pain.

Twisted Beauty is as much about grief as it is about love. Because it is the people we love that repair our wilted hearts.


Twisted Beauty comes out April 7th. But you can add it to your Goodreads shelf now and participate in the #Giveaways on my Facebook author page.





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