YA Science Fiction

Inno shouldn’t exist. But she does. She is very real. Born illegally outside of the breeding facilities, she has been raised to believe that it is her duty to infiltrate Ares Academy and take down the government. But can she fit in with the obedient masses of the military?

Pepper should be dead. She should have had her memories wiped and been placed on the streets to die. But she was immune. She has spent her life undergoing experiment after experiment and now has been charged with one task. But can she be trusted to spy for her captors?

Mint is a military officer. The Seers have deemed him worthy of joining Ares Academy. There he will be molded into the perfect solider, the unshakable image of obedience, efficiency, and apathy. But what if there was another way? Is standing up worth standing out?


YA Poetry

Welcome to the Museum.
A place where people are tortured and displayed as art. A world where creativity dies with humanity. A preview into the gritty reality of “Seeking Incandescence.”
Experience the haunting poetry and gruesome artwork of the imprisoned. May their martyrs bring you closer to enlightenment.